About Us


The beginnings of Albedo Engineering and Production company are dating from 2003.

In the early years, it functioned as an office for preparation of project documentation in the domain of mechanical engineering, and later it also engaged in engineering services- meaning design and construction of thermo power systems.

In the second phase of the development was formed a machine workshop, in which the production of products applied in thermal power began.

At the moment, the company can provide complete service in mechanical engineering for every type of facility.

Regarding the production, a part is performed in its own production facilities, and the other part in cooperation with the business partners from the Republic of Turkey.

The products are in the domain of thermal power: steam boilers,hot water boilers, thermal oil heaters, thermogenics, etc.

All these, as fuel, may use granular fuel (wood pellets, fruit seeds), liquid fuel (oil, heavy oil), gas fuel (natural gas, propane, butane, methane, etc.).

At the same time, we can also offer other products applied in technological processes.

Our mission is adjusting to modern technology and expanding our activities in the field of engineering.

We strive for innovation, maximization of performance and obtaining highest standards.